Aviana is a new, ambitious metal band that has its core in Gothenburg, Sweden. The band began writing their debut album in 2015 and the result was 'Polarize' - an album that mixes heavy, aggressive pieces with melodic sing a longs and lyrics with a clear, strong message. The album was released via Rambo Music (Sony Music) on the 20th of January, 2017.

With a strong will to be the best possible live band, unforgettable live performances on the stage is always the main idea in the process of writing new music. Aviana are now working hard to leave a mark on the metal scene with their debut album and touring as much as possible. The band has their influences from a wide range of artists, where bands like Northlane and Fit for a King contribute to the darker parts and bands like Bring Me The Horizon represents the melodic influence.


The band's debut album “Polarize” has been met by critical acclaim from around the world and has been featured in multiple magazines such as “Close-up magazine” and “Sweden Rock Magazine”, both of which gave the album 8/10 in their reviews.

Already been touring UK and Europe, multiple times with bands like Crystal Lake, Ghost Iris and doing their debut in Japan in September 2018 on a nationwide tour as well as a special appearance at the True North Festival in Tokyo the future lies ahead of the Heavy Metalcore boys from Gothenburg, Sweden.

The band is now in the studio, working on their second full length album, which is expected to be released in early 2019 to follow up the success of Polarize in 2017. Stay tuned!

Niclas Bergström - Drums
Sebastian Colque - Bass
Marcus Heffler - Guitar
Oscar Forsman - Guitar

Debut album 'Polarize' is available via Rambo/Sony Music now on Spotify, Apple Music and all digital music platforms (released on 20/01/17)
Stream the album below in the embedded Spotify player.

Recorded by: Marcus Vik, Sebastian Colque, Marcus Heffler, Oscar Forsman and Niclas Bergström
Mix/master: Buster Odeholm, Impact Studios